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Roller Blinds (Sunscreen Series)



YM15 Series & YM25 Series

(W) 2ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 3ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 4ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 5ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 6ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 7ft x 6ft (H)

(W) 8ft x 6ft (H)

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Sunscreen Fabric Series

Style and Functionality Of Roller Blinds Sunscreen

The ideal balance of function and style, Roller Blinds Sunscreen series work with almost any interior decorating scheme. They are tidy, framed, secure and available in an amazing range of patterns and materials. They work in a commercial or residential space, easily.

Roller blinds sunscreen, also known simply as sunscreen blinds or solar shades, are a type of window treatment designed to filter sunlight and reduce glare while still maintaining outward visibility. They are made from a special type of fabric that is woven to allow light to penetrate while blocking harmful UV rays. Here’s a more detailed elaboration on roller blind sunscreen:

1. Fabric

The fabric used in sunscreen roller blinds is typically made from polyester or a combination of polyester and vinyl. These fabrics are woven with a certain openness factor, which determines the amount of light and UV rays that are allowed to pass through. The openness factor can vary, allowing for different levels of transparency and light filtration.

2. Light Control

Sunscreen blinds offer varying degrees of light control, depending on the openness factor of the fabric. They can provide anything from gentle filtering of light to almost complete blackout, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

3. UV Protection

One of the primary functions of sunscreen roller blinds is to block harmful UV rays from entering the room. This helps protect furniture, flooring, and other interior furnishings from fading or damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

4. Glare Reduction

Sunscreen blinds are also effective at reducing glare, making them ideal for rooms where glare from the sun can be problematic, such as offices or rooms with television screens.

5. Energy Efficiency

By reducing the amount of sunlight entering a room, sunscreen roller blinds can help regulate the temperature indoors, reducing the need for air conditioning and thereby saving energy.

6. Privacy

While sunscreen blinds provide excellent outward visibility during the day, they also offer some degree of privacy by limiting the view from the outside in. However, it’s important to note that privacy may be compromised at night when the interior lights are on.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

Sunscreen blinds come in a variety of colors and designs to complement different interior styles. They offer a sleek and modern look, and their simple, unobtrusive design makes them suitable for a wide range of spaces.

8. Operation

Roller blinds can be operated manually with a chain or cord, or they can be motorized for added convenience. Motorized options can be controlled remotely or integrated into smart home systems for automated operation.

Overall, roller blinds sunscreen is a practical and stylish window treatment option that offers a balance of light control, UV protection, and privacy, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.


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Y5-1501, Y5-1505, Y5-1510, Y5-1511, Y5-2502, Y5-2503, Y5-2508


(W) 2ft x 6ft (H), (W) 3ft x 6ft (H), (W) 4ft x 6ft (H), (W) 5ft x 6ft (H), (W) 6ft x 6ft (H), (W) 7ft x 6ft (H), (W) 8ft x 6ft (H)


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