Proud To Be Local

Our fabrics and textiles department holds a variety of different type of cloth material that is used to create most of our products. Here is where we differentiate from our competitors; with our own in-house tailors, we create works that are of higher quality compared to those who just import their fabrics and resell them locally.

Endeavour Towards Quality

Be it a curtain, upholstery, wall padding or any product that is sewn and made by us, we ensure that it is made to the highest standards that we have been known to provide. Our customers have already known to expect a lasting product when they purchase from us. It is this strive that makes large companies such as hotels, clubs, and luxurious retailers come back to us when it comes to creating the decor and soft touch surfaces of their businesses.
“We will include a gallery of our fabric collection over time. For the time being, we recommend that you pay a visit to our showroom to take a look and get a feel for the fabric collections we have on offer.”
Ai Curtains Team

Luxurious Yet Affordable

We make our products with great care, attention to detail and towards a high quality yet we price them at a point that is reasonable for our customers. We want people to enjoy the services and products that we are offering and not charge unreasonable amount just because others do.