When most of us think of dining rooms we think of tables, buffets, chairs, and chandeliers. But equally as important in the dining room are the curtains and drapes (provided there’s a window, of course).

Amidst all of the hard furniture that tends to fill this room, it’s wonderful to have some fabric and add a touch of softness. So even if you don’t normally include flowing curtains and drapes it’s worth considering adding some to the dining room.

Choosing Curtains and Drapes for the Dining Room

Think about the style of your room and what will work. If you like big flowing curtains that puddle on the floor, go for it. If you prefer a more tailored look choose something a bit more streamlined. The point is to use an expanse of fabric to add softness (as opposed to hard blinds or shutters).

Fabrics and Patterns

A popular look in dining rooms is to pull everything together by using the same fabric for the window treatments as you do for the seat cushions or tablecloth. It’s a little old-fashioned and traditional, but the dining room is one place where this look really works. That said, it certainly isn’t necessary. You can always pull a color out of a piece of art or another fabric and use that if you want a solid color. You can also choose curtains and drapes with a pattern. Just be sure to tie all the colors of the room together in some way.

When it comes to the type of fabric it really depends on the look you’re going for. Elegant silks and rich velvets are great for formal and dramatic spaces while lighter cottons and even linens can work for lighter and more casual spaces.


Remember when choosing long window treatments that curtains and drapes should always at least skim the floor.

It’s also fine for them to puddle a little if that’s the look you want but the should never be too short. When they don’t at least skim the floor they tend to look truncated. Most designers agree that this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating (that goes for any room, not just the dining room).

If you’re having trouble finding curtains that touch the floor you can always adjust the rod a little. Usually, they’re mounted about 4 inches above the window frame but it isn’t written in stone. Adjust it accordingly to suit your space. Also, the standard for the rod is to hang it so that you’ve got about 6 to 8 inches on each side of the frame. If you want the window to look larger you can make it a bit wider.

The key to good interior decorating is balance. In a room where there’s a lot of hard furniture, it’s a great idea to add some softness. In the dining room, the best way to do it is with some pretty curtains and drapes.

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