Before purchasing curtains, measure the height of the windows in your home, including the top of the window to the location of the curtain rod. You should also take into account the size of the hardware; clip rings, curtain rings, built-in clips, or rod pockets. Curtain clip rings allow you to slightly change the length of the curtain. For long curtains, you should also measure the space from the floor to the bottom of the window, too.
Short Curtains
Short curtains give a relaxed and casual look. Short curtains, typically between 63 and 83 inches long, cover the length of the window sill. Cafe curtains are a popular short curtain style, although many short curtains completely cover the window (left). ​
Long Curtains​
Long curtains give a more formal look to a room than short curtains. Long curtain styles are available in lengths from 84 inches to over 120 inches. ​Depending on your personal preference and style, you can achieve one of the following looks with long curtains:
1. Brushing the floor: This length, which just touches the floor, is the best option for heavier fabrics like velvets and lined cotton. It will create a structural yet elegant look. Your curtains will brush the floor if the length matches or is just barely shy of the height from the floor to the curtain rod.

2. Breaking the floor: The hem of the curtain carries an inch or two over the floor. Consider this length if you’re looking for a more relaxed style and softer look. Your curtains will break the floor if the length is a few inches longer than the height from the floor to the curtain rod.

3. Pooling at the floor: Also known as “puddle length,” this romantic style allows the curtain to drape over the floor at two inches or more. Your curtains will pool at the floor if the length is more than two inches longer than the height from the floor to the curtain rod.

If your window isn’t long enough for a full length curtain, and you do not want short curtains, consider hanging blinds or shades as an alternative.

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