Did you know the colours you choose in your home can make or break your mood? Research shows that different colours affect our personality and mindset differently, which is why it’s important to choose the right colours throughout your interior.
Stoney Scandinavian
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The colours you choose in your home will also affect your theme. For instance, if you’re trying to achieve a minimal Scandinavian-inspired finish, choose understated neutral tones such as ash grey, cream, brown, and blush pink, all of which enhance peace of mind and calmness.
Calming Greenery


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If you are wanting to fill your home with East Asian-inspired tranquillity, opt for vibrant green, fiery red and orange tones in contrast with shades of bamboo and stone. Green relaxes the mind, making it ideal for living areas and the bedroom
Beautiful Blues
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Similarly, a combination of various blue shades, off-white and sandy brown will conjure up the look and feel of a coastal getaway and de-stresses the mind, making blue hues perfect for the bedroom.
Cheerfully Vibrant
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Yellow shades and other warm vibrant colours can stimulate brain activity as well as brighten up an interior, creating an energetic mood; perfect for family living rooms or kitchens where social activities take place. This refreshing palette is also great for hallways and the bathroom where you get ready for work in the morning.
Excitedly Orange
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Orange hues encourage excitement and enthusiasm, making it the perfect colour for entertaining and work spaces, or anywhere that a kick of energy will be beneficial.
Textures and Fine Details
Embrace colour in your furnishings with interesting textures to liven up your space. Try combining opposite elements such as voiles with velvets, metals with woven rugs, or marble with faux fur for a multi-faceted finish.
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When adding colour and texture to your home, your curtains are a brilliant place to start. Set your colour scheme with your curtains and then build the rest of the room around them. You can also add colourful or patterned curtains or blinds to complement other patterns, colours, and textures already present in the room, such as luxurious velvet or raw linen, for instance.
When you’re decorating your home, it is important to think about the mood you’d like to set. By choosing a suitable colour palette you can transform your home into a space which is perfectly suited to you.

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